Data visualisation by gamification

Date: April 2020 – May 2020

Type of work: Studies

Prototype: Click here

My task was to collect statistic data in 24 hours and then present them in a creative way. I chose to leave my apartment and head up to a lake in Lillomarka kalled Aurevann. I collected data like animal spottings, consumed food, camping equipment and fishing stats.
I made a playfull digital presentation to show kids how to use math during a fun camping trip during covid-19.

I started by drawing the surroundings, animals and equipment. Then tarps and wooden signs for background.
It was important for me to simplify the language to the right tone of voice. I used simple language, and spoke like a parent teaching their kid.

The project was prototyped in Adobe XD at the time, but I'm planning to transfer it to Figma (my preferred prototype software) and possibly make it a simple web solution.

Screenshot from the aurevann app giving the user a quiz question
Screenshot from the aurevann app startup screenScreenshot from the aurevann app showing the camp siteScreenshot from the aurevann app showing how many animals i saw on my tripScreenshot from the aurevann app giving the user a quiz question

Inspired by my dad and my childhood

The inspiration to this approach came from being in the woods with my dad learning all there is to know about nature. He taught me how to get exited by the small things you stumble upon during a hike.

I believe this approach can be a really good way to teach statistics, science and more to toddlers. I had issues learning math as a kid because I could not solve math problems without being them being presented in a setting. I believe issues like that makes me able to really understand the target audience for my solutions.