Product Design

Date: May 2020 – Present

Type of work: Self initiated

Buld is one of my favorite projects since it reminds me of my old days selling interiors. The project is all about a flexible playful block system made from wood, strong neodymium magnets, wood veneer and wool felt. It started with inspiration from the perpetual flexibility from the toys by Cas Holman and beautiful Scandinavian interior materials.

I started planning this project after being trained to use the laser cutter at our campus. I have always loved woodworking and interior design. I wanted to make something to play with when feeling restless and to leave as a "sculpture" when i'm finished. The product has been made in Grey wool, light oak, Walnut, black stained oak and cork, but the possibilities are limitless. I'm also looking at the possibilities to add circular shapes and L-shapes.

Product blocks in oak, black stained oak and grey wool felt.
A bunch of lasercut shapes which makes the product coreA bunch of lasercut shapes which makes the product core