fib 2022

Event Logo

Date: October 2019 – January 2020

Type of work: Commercial

Project management: Creatur Media

fib is a world conference about structural concrete development and -research. The conference in 2022 will be held in Oslo and the goal was to make a logo based on  famous and awarded concrete structures in Norway.  The colors are pulled from the visual identity from Norwegian Concrete Association who will be hosting the conference in 2022.

Fib Logo showing responsive main logo down to logo iconFib Logo showing responsive logotype versions
Arial photo of a concrete monument in Norway called "Utsikten".

Photo by Jiri Havran

Image of the concrete curve platform at Sohlbergplassen, Norway

Photo by Ole H. Krokstrand

Image of the Svalbard global seed vault

Photo by The Crop Trust

Inspired by Norway

The logo is inspired by the famous Norwegian concrete constructions. I added the triangular origami shape from "Utsikten", the curvy walls from "Sohlbergplassen" and the iconic entrance of "Svalbard Global Seed Vault".